Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Workshop To-Do List

While tinkering in the shop today I began to take inventory of several projects in various stages of completion.  Much of my time in the last ten months has been devoted to several cabinetry and storage projects.  Now that most of the heavy lifting is done in setting up shop, it’s time to focus on some of the smaller details and on doing some actual woodworking.  I’m sure my lovely bride would add to this list, but here are some of the To-Do’s I’d like to knock off the list as quickly as possible.
Workshop Organization – Most of the big stuff is done, however there are quite a few details to work and adjustments to be made.  Recently I’ve added a workbench for Danger Boy and have started planning for colder weather to move in.  Both incidents call for an efficient space plan and a flexible layout.

Yard Tool Organization – Basically an extension of the workshop organization project.  Getting these tools onto the far wall and out of way means more space for woodworking and for parking the truck in the garage when it gets Minnesota cold.

Zebrawood Boxes – These were started back in Albuquerque just before we had to pack up for our move to Minnesota.  They’ve been boxed up for a while now, but are sitting on the project shelf waiting for completion.  I’ll build a jig to cut corner grooves for walnut splines using a new saw blade that my Dad sent for my last birthday.

The “Lego” Experiment – I’ve pulled this piece of poplar and these few slabs of cherry out from the woodpile for the “Lego” inspired design experiment.  I’ll mill these pieces and cut the “blocks” sometime this week.  I’ll need to build a few jigs for the manufacturing of the pieces and for building with them.

Fireplace Mantle – The TV is mounted over our gas fireplace and will be in danger of high heat exposure without a mantle to block/divert the heat.  I was fortunate to find a stash of this reclaimed Douglas Fir that was used to build the staircase in our house.   I’ll build a mantle with an inset heat shield and some accompanying shelving out of this discovered treasure.  It should complement the room well as the staircase runs alongside the family room.

Purpleheart Clock – Somewhere in a box is a small Purpleheart clock that I started for my sister.  It’s a design that I developed many years ago.  I think I’ve built at least 20 of them over the years.  Once I find it and select a secondary wood for the foot, I’ll get this one knocked out quickly.
Project 146 Table – This is a table that I built a few years back.  It’s waiting for some fine tuning of the top, some sanding and a finish.  There are a couple “learning opportunities” that need a little attention as well.  Now that my wood collection is organized, I have access to the Ash and Sapelle needed to address those little issues.

Table Saw Sleds – Another project that began back in Albuquerque.  I had plans to build four different sleds and was able to complete two of them before our move north.

“Structure 1” Sculpture Re-Do – This is a portion of a failed plaster and wood sculpture that I made last year.  I wasn’t happy with the plaster form so I dismantled it and salvaged the Wenge structure.  I’ve got a few ideas for how I’d like to improve on the design.

Boy, that’s a lot to work on!  There’s plenty here to keep me busy and out of trouble for a while.  If you had it in mind to ask me to build something for you…I’m taking orders to be filled in 2012!


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