Thursday, October 25, 2012

Testing Titebond 3...2...1

OK, so I only tested Titebond I and III, but you can’t do a countdown and skip II.
I’m working on an art piece made of extra shop scrap left over from other projects.  The base of the piece…the canvas you might say, is 3/16 inch pegboard that has been spray painted.  A second component of thin wood strips will be included as well.  Those will need to be attached directly to the painted surface. 
As I was laying my pieces out, playing with the configuration, I began to change my mind on the original design.  I had thought about using some kind of fasteners to give it a more “workshop” or industrial type quality, but then decided that no longer appealed to me. That’s when the thought hit me…”How am I going to secure these pieces to this slick, painted surface?”  It then dawned on me that I had already invested a fair amount of time in designing, laying out and painting this piece that I’d better run some tests before diving headlong into what could be a disappointing experience.
That’s when the Second Wind Workshop became the official Lone Tree Adhesive Proving Laboratory.  Basically I laid down a plastic garbage bag and spray painted a test piece.

The goal was to test the glues that I have on hand, in this case, Titebond I and III, and some Super Glue Gel.  I tested these adhesives on the untouched, painted surface as well as on the painted and sanded surface.

I didn’t bother with the Super Glue Gel on the sanded surface.  I was assuming that the surface was less critical with this adhesive.
After a day of curing under weight, it was time to apply some stress to the pieces.  It didn’t take much pulling force to just pop the Titebond I test piece right off of the non-sanded surface.

Same with the Titebond III.

Both of these pieces came off very easily.  There is no way these scenarios would hold up to any kind of rigor.  I had higher hopes for the Super Glue Gel, but that piece also released fairly easily…and took some of the painted surface with it!

The sanded surfaces however…a whole different story!  I picked them up and shook them.  Neither the Titebond I nor III released from the test piece.

I was pleased to see some good results that will allow me to continue on with my work on the original piece.  I’m disappointed however, to not have solved one of woodworking’s greatest challenges…how to avoid any extra sanding!  J

Stay tuned for a write up on the actual art piece soon…after some sanding…