Saturday, April 26, 2014

On the Wind…Again!

I know it’s been really quiet here on the blog and in the workshop lately…OK, so for the last couple months!  Shop time has been pretty scarce as I was pursuing another career opportunity with my company.  The good news is that I was successful, and that means another relocation for the family and the workshop.  The Harbin family and the Second Wind Workshop will be on the move from beautiful Colorado to sunny Florida!

For the third time in just five years I’ll be packing up the shop and moving it across the country. 


St. Paul


There aren’t too many basements in Florida though so it looks like I’ll be back in the garage again.  I probably won't need that space heater anymore either!  Any tips from the Florida woodworkers out there?  I’m already assuming lots of paste wax on the big tools and oil on the hand tools.

And so it goes without saying (of course I’m getting ready to say it) that my box-a-week challenge will have to be put on hold until we’re completely moved and we have a new shop…er…house!  Before winding things down I was able to knock out quite a few boxes to leave behind as gifts for many of the amazing folks I’ve worked with here in the West, some for most of my 11 years with the company on this side of the US.  It always feels good to gift something you’ve designed and built.

It’ll probably be another couple months before I’m back in my own work space again, so I’ll have to feed my woodworking habit through all the great content that so many amazing woodworkers post online for a while.  Keep it coming guys!