Monday, November 15, 2010

Snow Room for Woodworking

After a long work week, travel to Denver on business, and a big project following me home this weekend, any free time that could have been spent in the workshop was filled with shoveling and removing snow.  Winter has come to Minnesota…thank God for the snow blower!

I was hoping to get some time out in the shop this week/weekend to finish up those lids for the Zebrawood boxes and maybe start playing with some jig ideas for the Lego experiment.  Alas, the only shop time logged this weekend was a mad scramble to move all yard and kid implements (“of destruction” for all you Arlo Guthrie fans) into my workshop area so that the truck could make it into the garage.

After a light, but steady, snowfall overnight, the big stuff started falling around 7:00am Saturday morning.  By around 8:00am I had space cleared for the truck and we were pushing almost 4 inches of snow with no signs of stopping!

Add a new project to the list!  Making the workshop a workshop again!

The rest of the day was spent entertaining Danger Boy and clearing snow.  Round 1 vs. Winter was a tough one.  That little Toro snow blower was a little overmatched for all the snow that had fallen, so the trusty shovel was pressed into action…and I have the sore muscles to prove it!  I finished just in time for the next wave of snowfall...doh!

Sunday was spent with family and friends, which always cures any loss of shop time, however that project for work filled my Sunday evening.  As much as I enjoy, and am thankful for, my job…Excel spreadsheets and expense modeling do not curb my appetite for making sawdust.

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