Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Latest Herd of Boxes

Shop time has been precious and rare over the past couple months...other than late evenings when power tools are off the menu.  Lots of travel and work, but despite the busy schedule I was finally able to put the wraps on five of the boxes that I had in the works.

And now, without further ado..."Behind this first number one."  (Eric Idle game show voice...)

Recycled Oak with Claro Walnut corner keys and a Sapelle veneered lid panel.

Unfortunately the camera isn't catching the shimmer in the Sapelle as well as it looks live.

Box number one will be headed back east to Bonnie, the most generous contributor to the "Go Lobos" WCC fundraiser.  Please visit to lend your voice to the HOWL in protecting our endangered wolves, including my favorite (and college mascot) the Lobo.

Box number two is made with woods that span three continents...American Oak, African Padauk corner keys and a curly English Sycamore veneered lid panel.

This was the box that received all of the test cuts along the way before working on the WCC charity box.  See some of the gory details here...

Three coats of hand rubbed Danish Oil really warms up this old, recycled Oak and makes the English Sycamore POP!  Again...I wish my camera and lighting did this thing justice.

And finally, you may recall the earlier sightings of this triplet set of Padauk boxes...

The lids for these boxes are quarter-sawn, spalted Maple. I experimented with the design of this first lid by cutting a small stepped profile along the top edge.  I'm still deciding if I like this style or not.  Click to enlarge these pics to get a good look at the stunning grain and funky spalt-line patterns.  All three boxes were finished with three coats of hand rubbed Danish Oil, buffed between each coat.

No extra profile treatment on these next two lids.

The third box didn't receive any Wenge inlay as I was able to get a clean match of the heartwood/sapwood transition around all four corners.

You're probably thinking, "Hey, that's great Pete!  Must feel good to get caught up on your projects."  Of course, if you're thinking that you're probably new to my blog!

(Queue Eric Idle...) 

"Behind door number unfinished display table."

"Behind door number three...a pair of Rietveld Chairs resembling a pile of sticks."

"Behind door number four.........."


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