Sunday, January 5, 2014

Box-a-Week Challenge - Number 1

I wrapped up the first box in my 2014 Box-a-Week Challenge yesterday…after a heavy dose of shoveling snow!
This offering was built with the Oak I salvaged from some old dressers that belonged to Jill’s parents and grandparents.

The corners are mitered with Walnut keys and the lid includes a Maple burl veneered panel. My original intent was to attach the lid with some 5mm barrel hinges, however I ended up settling on some basic brass hinges I was able to find at Home Depot.
I had made a little placement jig for the barrel hinges in an attempt to align them precisely.

There must have been the tiniest amount of slop in the fit, or just enough offset when the jig was reversed.  Once I tested the hinges…

Fortunately I had some Walnut dowels and was able to fill the attempts at the barrel hinges…matching the Walnut corner keys quite nicely.  The box bottom is lined with green felt.  Not only do I like the look of the felt in the bottom, I like the way it changes the sound of the box when it's being closed.

The finish is three coats of hand buffed Danish Oil.  It really warms up the Oak, but also brings it into the same tone as the veneered lid panel.  Next time I use that veneer, I’ll couple it with another wood of a stronger contrast.

We’ll see how long this box survives.  As I write this Denver is covered in snow and we are without a furnace (motor has seen its last days) so the fireplace is blazing and the space heaters are cranking.  It is 6 degrees out right now with an overnight low of -1 expected, but we’re holding up pretty well.  The furnace tech will be back tomorrow to replace the motor and save this box from becoming fuel!


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