Thursday, November 21, 2013

Getting Ready for the Woodworking Show

This weekend the Woodworking Show comes to Denver and I’m looking forward to a little extra time off from work and down in the shop.  It’s been a busy few months and the show comes at just the right time to recharge my woodworking mojo.  The snow is falling and I’m home today as we have a new garage door being installed as I write.  The show doors open tomorrow at noon…only 21 more hours to wait!

I’ve been browsing this year’s seminar list and am excited to see that show stalwart Jim Heavey (Wood Magazine) will be in full swing with three different talks on cabinet construction, doors and drawers.  He’s, by far, one of the best reasons to attend the show.   Back again this year is Andy Chidwick (The Woodworking Coach.)  I really enjoyed his talks at the last show on design, creativity and sculptural work.  It’s good to see him on the docket again.  Andy lends a spark of creativity and credibility to the show that was beginning to fade out a few years back.  The schedule is rounded out nicely with the likes of Roland Johnson (Fine Woodworking), Bradley McCalister and Bob Settich (what woodworking magazine has this guy not written for?!)  I should have no problem filling a few days with seminars and a lot of pages with notes.

As I review the list of classes/seminars, I spy several new faces that I’m looking forward to seeing as well.  This year Marc Adams (Marc Adams School of Woodworking) has signed on and is making his way around the country with the show.  His talks are a full three hours (four different topics) and are paid seminars for an additional cost.  I haven’t decided yet, but I am considering attending one of his sessions…”Methods of Woodworking” or “Joinery.”  The cost is $50 per session, but hey…it’s Marc Adams.

I’m also looking forward to visiting the turning area of the show.  This past Father’s Day I received some new turning tools that I have yet to try out.  I’ll be spending some time with the folks from Easy Wood Tools for some hands-on practice at the lathe.  Needless to say…the tool vendors will be on hand with all their temptations.  Pray for me…my wallet…the boy’s college funds…

Three years ago I blogged about being a little disappointed with the show when I was finally able to attend them up in Minnesota (The Not So Big Show) however, there has been quite a spark of redemption starting with the last Denver show back in February.  New ownership has really started to revive excitement around the show and make it an event worth attending.  For any of you fellow Coloradans planning to attend the show, hit me up in the comments here to let me know when you’ll be there.  I’m planning on attending all three days.

The guys are almost done with our new garage door…let the long woodworking weekend begin!

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