Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Break it Down

Project momentum continues to build here in the Second Wind Workshop.  The squirrels have been kept at bay!  J

We have a confirmed sighting of a finished project.  It’s a small one, but a done one!  I present to you the Break Down Candle Holder.

Again, I’d like to give a shout out to Steve Ramsey over at for the initial design.  Click on over to his sight for some great project ideas and a little wackiness.  Thanks Steve!

Here we have all the parts stacked up neatly.
The three cross members are dropped down onto the bridle joints of the longer base piece.  All of the base pieces are made with salvaged Oak from a set of old dressers.

The fit is a little looser than I’d like but it still comes together well.  I lost a shade more of the thickness than I wanted to when sanding the parts.  I’ve locked that tid-bit of learning away for future builds.

The little platforms to hold the tea light candles are Sapelle and click right into place when the rare-earth magnet engages the head of the tack in the small cross members.

While you can’t turn the whole assembly completely upside down it does hold together quite well due to the magnets and the natural friction between the pieces.

Here it is all lit up.

Workshop mood lighting anyone?

I really like how the Danish Oil brought out the warmth in the Oak and the deep, rusty red of the Sapelle.  I hand rubbed four coats of the oil finish with some light sanding and then buffed the final coat with a rag.

One project down!  Next up...the fixed versions of this same candle holder.


Neil Tsubota said...

I "like" the idea of a "break-it-down" candle holder. Because I have only small spaces for "storage" when it is NOT in use.

Pete said...

Hey Neil, that was the inspiration for this project. My wife's parents spend a good bit of time in an RV so they've got limited space for "extras."