Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thinking Through Some Design

Sometime here in the next day or two I’ll begin cleaning up and milling the Oak that was salvaged from the old dressers.  As many of you know I’m a big fan of making boxes, so that seems like a great option for the recycled Oak mementos.  My lovely bride’s parents spend most of their time living on a sailboat or in an RV, so something small would be in order for them.

As I was moving a few things around the shop I found myself looking at a few pieces in my, very small, collection of veneer.  This got me to thinking that I’d like to take a crack at veneering some panels for the box lids.  I’m thinking of using one of these…

The veneer there on top is one of my most favorite woods, Karellian Birch.  I’ve never worked with it before and I only have a few sheets of this veneer, but every picture I’ve ever seen of pieces using this wood just blow me away.  I’m getting excited just writing about it now!

The other sheet at the bottom of the picture is no chump-veneer!  That’s a curly (fiddle-back) English Sycamore and it’s also a very stunning wood.  I think either of these will make for a nice contrast with the old Oak and won’t be too overbearing or gaudy.  Both will look amazing with a simple clear finish as well.

I was also kicking around the idea of a candle holder…something small and that could even be broken down and stored flat when not in use.  I like Steve’s design over at Woodworking for Mere Mortals ( so I might tinker with that thought a bit more.

As I’m writing this I just had the idea to build a small, knock down, candle holder and a box to hold all the parts, and maybe  a few of those tea light candles.  Perfect for my gypsy-sailor in-laws.  J

I’ll get to sketching and post a few ideas this weekend. 

Side note:  A couple days ago I was turned on to by Tom Iovino over at  I watched Tom’s latest video of a presentation he gave on veneers, so I’ll be checking out the Veneer Supplies website for some veneer softener and the appropriate glue and tape.  Thanks Tom!


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