Monday, April 30, 2012

CO Workshop Update #13 - I've got it pegged!

Danger Boy and I made our weekly pilgrimage to Home Depot to re-stock our supply of screws and secure a sheet of pegboard for the workbench along the back wall.  I had plenty of scrap 3/4 inch plywood on hand so the pegboard tool rack went up pretty quickly.

I also noticed a little bit of wracking movement from front to back on the bench…not much, but left over time it would continue to magnify.  I added a couple panels on each end to lock down any movement in that plane.  Now the bench is rock solid.  I can’t make it move now, even with some considerable force applied.

The Caps squared off against the Rangers on Saturday in Game 1 of the second round in the Stanley Cup Finals.  DB and I made a run to Sam’s Club to pick a few things up before the game and ended up bringing one of these rolling tool carts home.  The Caps ran out of gas in the third period, but the tool cart came together great.

It’s a nice size and the heavy duty casters are very smooth.  I’m planning to use the cart as a multi-function rolling bench.  The top two drawers are loaded up with all of my sharpening supplies, both for the bench grinder and my water stones and Scary Sharp paraphernalia.  When it’s time to sharpen, I’ll move the grinder, or the glass plates to the bench-top and roll the cart to whenever I want to work.  The third drawer holds all my scroll saw gear…same story…when needed I’ll load up the scroll saw and roll to the best space to work.  The large bottom drawer is filled with sanding belts and drums for the Ridgid oscillating sander.  I see myself wanting to work with the sander outside whenever possible, so the cart will make moving in and out of the shop much easier, and having all the accessories already onboard means just having to load up the tool and I’m ready to work.

I also landed on a home for my rolling tool chest.  I’ve got wrenches, Japanese chisels and saws, my circular rail clamps and guides and most of my shop-vac and air compressor accessories tucked away in this chest.

I’ve decided to not cover this small section of the wall with OSB.  There are electrical, HVAC  and plumbing running through this little section of the wall, and none of them are contained within the framing very well.  I’ll go back and remove the old insulation and touch up any gaps with expanding foam.  I’ll then add some new insulation, with some strategic cuts to work around all the utilities, and cover this section with some heavy gage plastic sheeting.
Hopefully all of my adjustments will prove more effective than the Caps' efforts in the third period.  Good thing for the Caps it's best of seven!


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