Monday, February 27, 2012

CO Workshop Update #8 - Measure once, cut once, build another one.

Things moved along pretty well over the weekend here in the Second Wind Workshop.  I was able to get the OSB up on the back wall, and Danger Boy and I got some painting done…some of it even on the walls!

I also repurposed an old wall cabinet and set it up on one of the shorter steel racks.  It’s just a step away from the table saw so I’ll store saw blades, jigs and accessories in the cabinet and all of my sleds on the shelves.  There was also just enough room for the, all important, shop fridge.

While setting up the cabinet and fridge Danger Boy was thrilled to find his toolbox and start reacquainting himself with his tools.  It was all I could do to keep him from disassembling everything in the shop and from wanting to cut into every piece of wood with his coping saw…while wearing eye and hearing protection, of course.

After heading off the maniacal woodworker, we got busy on some shelving for the back wall.  The plan is to hang shelving along the top of the wall with pegboard and a long storage bench below.  I had a whole stack of off-cut 3/4 inch plywood that made the trip with us from Minnesota, so we got crackin’.
And here they are!  Aren’t these great looking shelves?  Very sleek and modern, eh?

OK, so maybe they did need a few screws and some wood glue.

The back section of wall where these will hang spans 10 feet and 7 inches so I planned to build three shelves to cover that entire length.  The shelves rest on a mounting cleat and are attached to the wall through a second cleat at the top of each unit.

We were clicking right along until it was time to hang this third shelf…

While I had accounted for the width of the plywood in determining the height of the shelves…well, you can see that there was a slight miscalculation in the total length.

I was tempted to blame it on the difference in humidity levels between Minnesota and Colorado, much like those troublesome box lids, but somehow I didn’t think that the lengthwise expansion of plywood would fly with the super-savvy woodworking community.  Where is that boy and his coping saw when I need him?!
Fortunately I’ve got plenty of wall space to find another home for this shelf, and plenty of swollen Minnesota plywood to build another that will fit.  I think that new one will be a great place to store all of my measuring tools!

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