Saturday, December 31, 2011

CO Workshop Update #3 - Planning

Lots of planning and organizing in the shop yesterday...translation...moving one massive pile into two smaller piles on either end of the shop!  It took several hours though, so I'll take credit for "organizing."

Until I was able to spend a few hours moving things around there wasn't even enough room to get any of the OSB sheets over to the far end of the shop where they'll be hung.  I've tucked a few of my larger tools (lathe, band saw and jointer) into the laundry room, so now I've got some open space to start making things happen.

I was also able to get the small, side area at the end of the shop cleared out as well.  I'm thinking of adding a few more of the metal racks and using this area to store lumber and to tuck away a mobile dust collector and air compressor.  Ideally, I'd like to squeeze a total of four racks into this area.  I'm having to work around some plumbing, so we'll see how tight it gets back there.

With some wall and floor space cleared out I was able to get some good measurements down to start working on the layout.  For those of you who haven't tried it out yet, Grizzly provides an online tool for workshop planning.  Here's a peak at what I've put together so far.

I've done some preliminary placement of most of the tools, but still have a fair bit of tweaking to do.  The items listed on the left are the parts that still need to be accounted for.  Those with an asterisk are the tools I already have on hand, while the others are part of my future planning.  I'm hoping to leave a lot of wall space free for shelving, pegboard and other storage.  I still need to work out any additional lighting placement and will need to decide where to put Danger Boy's workbench.  We usually end up at the larger work table when working on projects together, but sometimes he just needs his own space.  Those pieces of scrap lumber are not going to cut themselves into even smaller scraps!

Until the next time I move everything from one side of the shop to the other, but don't actually put anything away!


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