Saturday, May 7, 2011

Back in the Workshop

It’s been quite a while now since the machines were humming in the Second Wind Workshop, and since any blogging has gone on around here.  Danger Boy and I have been able to steal a few moments out in the shop from time to time, over the past six weeks, however our attention has been otherwise diverted…
We’ve recently traded in our chisels and routers for bottles and diapers!
He sure does get upset when we do go out into the shop without him!

We’re excited to announce the arrival of our latest shop assistant…little boy, super hero style nickname pending.  Of course this is about all he does…
 …well, that plus the eating and the pooping!
In those brief moments when he is sleeping, we’re able to sneak out to make some shavings and sawdust.  Read on for a rambling display of scattered woodworking adventures from the last month and a half.
There were a few of the boxes I completed a while ago that needed some attention.  The bottom of this Wenge box had chipped out while routing the bottom chamfer profile.

One of the corner keys didn’t seat all the way into the slot on this Wenge box, leaving a small gap.

For some reason all of the other box lids came out beautifully except for these Birdseye Maple lids…even while using the same set-up, at the same time.  Weird!  Nothing that a little chisel work can’t fix though.

To take care of the chip-out on the Wenge box I fired up the router and cut a larger chamfered profile around the bottom.  It’s a bit more exaggerated than I would normally add, but it does salvage the box and doesn’t look too bad.

While cleaning up the Birdseye Maple lids with the chisel I ended up slicing a little bit of material from one of the edges.   I used the router to chamfer away that error too!

After a little clean up with a sanding block…

…we’ve got a box and lid combo with some extra flair.
I also spent some time working on the “odd boxes.”  These are the Birdseye Maple and Padauk boxes that were made along with the large batch of Doug Stowe designed boxes.  The dimensions are different (the Maple boxes are even made with thinner material) so they didn’t receive lids as part of the mass production process.  They’ve now been sanded and have a small chamfered profile routed around the bottoms.  The design of the lids will make for some nice, small projects to work on between feedings and poopings.

Several weeks ago I was planning to haul one of the small benches out onto the driveway to work on sanding the display table (Project 146) however, the evening before I was reminded of what Spring looks like in Minnesota!

Fortunately it was only a couple days later that we were back into the low 60’s and the sanding could commence.  Just a few more little touch-up projects and the table will be ready for a finish.

Lest you think I hogged all the shop time for myself, Danger Boy also found some time to get some work done.  After some much needed workbench organization…

…he spent some time working on screws and nails.

After some critical lumber selection…

…he also completed his first official glue-up.  Boy was he excited to use those clamps for something other than his parents’ fingers!

Despite the increased level of sleep deprivation it’s nice to get out into the shop for some hands on therapy every now and then…even if it is only until the next round of bottles and…did I mention the poop?

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